Sher Singh was a 12 year old brave boy; who lived in Laldwani village. He lived with his younger brother, mother and father. Sher Singh Bahadur was father of Sher Singh. Sher Sing’s younger brother’s name was Kunwar. He was a farmer by occupation but he was a famous hunter too.

Whenever there was an expedition in the village, people used to send him (Sher Singh Bahaur). He was an experienced man at hunting.

When Sher Singh’s brother was seriously ill, his father had gone for a photography expedition with other villagers of Laldwani as beaters. His mother had experience of controlling capital for carrying load and it was their also earning source. They were very much poor, therefore his mother was unable to leave her job to bring her ailing son to a doctor.

Actually Kunwar was suffering from influenza. In Laldwani village diseases Cholera and Influenza had taken many lives . Kunwar had a bad stomach ache and his body temperature was more than normal. Sher Singh’s father was not present . Family member tried every domestic treatment but it didn’t work. There was no improvement and the family condition was very pathetic as there was no supporting hand to carry Kunwar for treatment. At last Sher Singh’s mother said with dull expression ” He must be carried to the hospital at Kalaghat.”

Finally Sher Singh made up his mind that he will carry his brother to the hospital. He promised himself that he would work in the absence of his father. Sher Singh’s mother made a sling and put the Kunwar in that sling, Sher sing knew that the journey was not easy, but he was ready to sacrifice everything for his brother Kunwar. Sher Sing crossed a primeval forest, two rivers and finally reached his destination, the hospital at Kalaghat. In the forest he met with cobra, a herd of elephant and also saw track of bears in the dark night. He crossed the first river; which water was icy cold and waist deep. The second river’s bridge was submerged in the flooded water. It has got damaged due to flood. It was throwing its bamboo ribs like a fan. But Sher Singh managed to cross the river for his brother.

At last , he was helped by people in a bullock cart; when he was crawling. Then he managed somehow to reach the hospital by boarding on a truck. He worked in the railway yard of loading coal. He earned little money and bought things to prepare his meal. He lived in the hospital compound till his brother was under doctor’s consideration. He was called out aloud by doctor , Sher Singh Bahadur and said ” your brother will live.”

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