Youtube Disclaimer

Disclaimer of the channel

1. The videos are according to the best knowledge of the creator. Use these videos by ensuring the know-how available in the book and in other resources also.

2. Nobody is 100% correct. Therefore use videos of this channel at your own risk. The creator has tried to create it free from mistakes. However, you are requested to get help from other hard or soft resources.

3. There may be differences in the method of teaching. It may not match with the normal way of bookish teaching. It is the try of the creator to help the viewers for their better understanding.

4. Videos are all original and have not been copied from any resources. We obey Youtube standard guidelines.

5. You can comment and give feedback for any video and the correction will be reflected in the description of the particular video.

6. All the videos are copyrighted. It cannot be produced on another website without the permission of the owner of this channel.

7. Administrator has the right to edit the above conditions. Therefore keep watching the disclaimer.