Reference to the context The Yellow Brick Road | English Literature

1.“I am going to OZ to ask him for some brain.”
Question a. Who wanted brain and why?
Question b. What did the speaker have instead of brain?

Answer a.The scarecrow wanted brain because his head was stuffed with straw and he could not think because to think one needs a brain.

Answer b. The speaker wanted a heart so that he can love the girl whom did he loved.

2.“Brains do not make one happy.”
Question a. Who is the speaker?
Question b. What did the speaker wanted and why?
Question c. What did he consider the best thing in the world?

Answer a. The tin wood man is the speaker.

Answer a. The speaker wanted heart, so that he can love the girl.

Answer a. He thought that the heart is the best thing in the world.

By Layman Frank Baum
He was an American author. He used to write fantasy stories for children. The Wonderful Wizare of Oz was his best known work. It was also staged as play and a wonderful film.

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