The wizard of oz | The Yellow Brick Road | English Literature

Question 1:What does the scarecrow want most of all and why?
Answer:The scarecrow wanted to get some brain. The scarecrow wants some brain because it’s head was stuffed with straw.

Question 2 : what has happened to the Tin wood man? What does he feel he need?
Answer : Tin woodman was a normal person who was a wood cutter. He loved and was punished by an old woman .The old woman asked a wicked witch to bewitch the woodcutter. The wood cutter was bewitched and he met with accidents at work. His head and body was replaced with tin head arm and legs. At the end he became a tin man with no brain and heart. The tin woodman felt that he needs a heart.

Question 3 : During the journey,what made the Tin wood man unhappy?
Answer : The tin woodman was unhappy because he stepped upon a beetle that was crawling along the road.

Question 4 : Why was the Tin Woodman careful when he walked?How did he explain his behaviour?
Answer : The Tin wood man killed a beetle and he was unhappy. So he walked carefully with his eyes on the road. The Tin Woodman knew very carefully that he had no heart, and therefore he took great care never to be cruel or unkind to others.

Question 5 : Dorothy and her companion.
travelled along the “Yellow Brick road”. What does the author mean by this description?
Answer : The “Yellow Brick Road” through which Dorothy and her companions were travelling led them to a place which can solve their problems by fulfilling their wishes.

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