Question Answer of ‘Night Mail’ By W H Auden | English Literature

Question 1: what does the night mail bring?
Question 2: To whom are there later addressed to?
Question 3 : What are the different colors of paper used to write letters?
Question 4 : What are the nature of the letters brought by the night mail?
Question 5: why do you think the night mail was a messenger to the people who lived in different areas of England and Scotland?
Question 6: Describe the journey of the train.
Question 7: how does the poet give a universal  appeal to the train?
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Answer 1: The night mail brings cheques and postal orders and also different types of letters for the people in England and Scotland.

Answer 2: The letters are addressed to the rich, poor, the shop at the corner, and the girl next door.

Answer 3: The different colours of paper used to write letters are pink, violet, white and blue.
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Answer 4: The nature of these letters are chatting, the catty, boring, adoring, cold, official, heart outpouring, clever, stupid, short, long, typed, printed and spelt all wrong.
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Answer 5: The poem “Night Mail” by WH Auden was written in an era when the system of communication was not highly developed, yet the steam engine was found. The people of that time communicated mostly through letters. So the night name was regarded as the messenger that binds the people who lived in different areas of England and Scotland.

Answer 6: the poet WH Auden has captured nicely with his creative poetic language, how the train moves smoothly, nicely across English landscapes from England to Scotland. On the way of his journey, the train passes the hilly terrain, countryside, and industrial cities too.

Answer 7: The poet W H Auden gives a universal appeal to the train Night Mail by telling that it brings letters for rich and the poor both.
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