A Summary of The Corner Shop

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It is often said ‘The best ghost stories don’t have ghosts in them; rather, you see the result of its actions.’

For centuries readers have been attracted to the mysterious air surrounding ghosts and other supernatural beings. It is probably this sense of wonder and fear that makes ghost stories so addictive and hard to put down. An example of such a story is Cynthia Asquith’s The Corner Shop. The Corner Shop starts out as a happy story of a man, Peter Wood who discovers an antique shop filled with vintage trinkets run by two charming, young women. Upon browsing through its offerings, the man purchases a jade frog figurine at a throwaway price. Content with his purchase, Peter decides to make frequent visits to this lovely little shop. However, there is something sinister lurking behind the scenes.

On the second visit to the store, Peter is in for an eerie surprise. Gone are the two wonderful ladies, gone is the joyful vibe of the shop. Instead, he is welcomed by a blanket of gloom and an old man with a serious demeanor. The young man soon learns that his purchase is worth much more than the price he paid for it. Driven by a strong conscience and sense of fairness, Peter offers to give back the money to the owners of the shop. To his astonishment, he is told an incredible story by the two women. The story tells a poignant tale of past mistakes and the old man’s desire to make amends. The last few pages of The Corner Shop really puts the story into perspective and makes the reader feel like the pieces are finally falling into place. A story encompassing out worldly elements whilst combining real human emotions, The Corner Shop will definitely warm your heart.

Being a short story, there is not much scope for character development and so you are left wanting to know a little more about the characters. Details about their personalities or families are a bit unclear. Aptly named, The Corner Shop is free from gruesome descriptions and malevolence. However, the text is littered with references and descriptions of haunted elements. The weather plays a key role in the depiction of moods and a stark contrast can be inferred through its descriptions.

Cynthia Asquith succeeds in painting a ghostly picture with her words and manages to send chills down your spine. Read this story if you’re a fan of horror stories with underlying dramatic themes.


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  1. The story of the corner shop seems to be unclear and its confusing

  2. The story of the corner shop made me to interest read a lot on the same but offen I confused. May you tell the core theme of it

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