Summary Of the Poem ‘Be The Best’ | By Douglas Malloch

By – Douglas Malloch

The poem ” Be the best” teaches us a very important lesson of our life. The title is sufficient for anyone to understand the concept of the poem. The poet Douglas Malloch wants to tell us that whatever you want to be or whatever you can be ,just be the best one in that field.

The poet starts the poem by giving examples of nature. He says if you are not able to be pine on the top of the hill then just try to be the scrub which are little elevated grasses but you must be the best scrub by the side of the stream. For example if you can’t be the boss of an office then just you try to be a worker but be the best worker of that office. The poet again teaches us to be the bush if we can’t be strong like a tree. If also we can’t be a bush then a bit of little grass.

Douglas Malloch says us to be the happiest . He gives example of music. He says that if we can’t be the good music then be the cheerful bass in the lake. All of us cannot be the captain because the crew field is also waiting for someone. If all are captain by themselves then every thing just would become a mess.

There is some work for everyone to do in this world. There is no one who has no work. There is a big work to do but the people to execute on it is less The job which is to be completed is not very far away. If we cannot be the highway but we can be the trail. If we are not be able to be a burning sun then we can be the star. The size doesn’t matter of winning and losing , what matter is the best whatever you are.


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  1. Douglas Malloch , an American poet ,( 5 May 1877 — 2 July 1938 ) He grew up amidst the forest, sawmills, and lumber yards. Be the best is one of the popular inspirational poems. All of us dream of becoming or achieving something glorious ,charming and attractive. In most cases we happen to be other than what we had dreamt of. The poet urges the readers not to think much about their present status, social standing but try to be the best. In the poem ,contrasting pair of images are used to
    signify the ones desirable like 1) Pine 2 ) Tree 3 ) Bush 4 ) Muskie ( an elegant fish ) 5 ) captain 6 ) Highway & 7 ) Sun juxtaposed with the relative images not so attractive like 1 ) Scrub 2 ) Bush 3 ) Grass 4 ) Bass ( kinds of fish used as food )
    5 ) Crew 6 ) Trail & 7 ) Star .The poet wants us to know that our size doesn't matter when it comes to our victory or failure. Whatever you are ,be the best .And
    that counts more than so – called parameters of success. In short , do your best and
    forget the best. Give to the world the best you have & the best will come back to you in accordance with the law of Nature " Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

  2. it is not music… its a muskie which is a variety of fish and so is a bass.

  3. it is not music, its a muskie which is a type of fish and so is bass.

  4. its not music…. its muskie which is a variety of fish and so is bass.

  5. no its a type of rose that smells like musk

  6. its not music… its a muskie which is a type of fish


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