Heaven’s Lake Question Answer For Class English Literature

Q(01) Briefly describe the author’s journey from Urumqi to Heaven Lake . What       does Heaven Lake look like ?

Ans: Author went to Heaven Lake from Urumqi by a public bus . Soon, they were      in open country side , with fields of sunflower as far as the eye could see.      Where there was no water , the land reverted to desert .In the distance , the      tall range of Mount Bogda was his destination .As the bus climbed, the sky brilli      ant before had grown overcast and rain began to fall . The bus window leaked inhospitably      but revealed a beautiful view. The ground is then green with grass, the slope      dark with pine . A few cattle were drinking at a clear stream. The stream changes      into a white torrent as they climb higher.                     Heaven lake is a long , fish -shaped and fed by snow melt      from a stream at its head.

Q(02) How did Mr Cap react when the author expressed his desire to go for a swim in the       in the  lake ?

Ans: When author asked Mr. Cao whether the lake was good for swimming in or not, he      questioned him in return if author was not thinking of swimming . When authord      asked him about the nature of the water in the Heaven Lake , he did not answered      him immediately , turning instead to examine some receipts with exaggerated      interest.    

Q(03) How did John and the author spend a day at the smallice blue pool?

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Ans:  The day John was leaving ,they went down to the small ice-blue pool with       a picnic lunch provided by Mr. Cao. It drizzled and was brilliantly sunny       turns.They made a fire in the lee of a rock, swim , sun themselves or shiver       before the fire as the weather alternate.They ate drank and were merry.

Q(04) After John left , how did the author spend the ‘extra day or two’at Heaven       Lake?

Ans:  Author spent the days roaming around by the head of the lake, watching herdsmen       crossed the stream delta with cattle and horses walking towards the snowline       or reading confucuis Analects. He lay on the rock and read very slowly ,       pausing of orange. He walked back along the shore by boulders and junniper       bushes.

Q(05) Describe, in brief , the author’s experience of buying a cap at Urumqi.

Ans:  Author led to a shop with all kinds of shop displayed by it’s doorway. The      The interior of the shop was dengy . Inside the shop , there was an old be      apectacles , bearded man and the boy of about twelve .Author selected a cap      which costs three yuan. When the old man and the boy that the author was from      Hindustan , they not only reduced the price of the cap but also restricted      it firmly , as the author would be travelling a long way .Many children gathered      at the door of the shop to gaze the man from India.