Question:1.What are the things that poet sent into the air?

Answers: 1. The poet sent an arrow and a song into the air.

Question:2.Is there ay way of finding out where a song goes?

Answers: 2. No, None has so keen and strong sight that can follow the flight of song. But if someone else repeats the song, then we can make out where it had landed.

Question:3.In poetry, sometimes a word is given a new and unusual form. Can you find any such word in this poem? How would it be written in prose?

Answers: 3. ‘Breath’ to write the simple form of breath in a close we write sang or sing.

Question:4. Where did the poet find the arrow ?

Answers: 4.The poet found the arrow unbroken in an oak. .

Question:5.What do you think the poet means who he says, And the song from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend.

Answers: 5. By these two lines the poet meant that , when he heard the song which he sang long ago from his friend he came to know that the song was deep rooted in the heart of the linsteners and was not forgotten long after it was heard no more. .


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