Question Answer of Violet Poem Class 5 | English Literature

By JANE TAYLOR( 1783–1824)
Question 1 : What is the colour of the flower?

Question 2 : What does the poet mean by a ‘rosy bower’?(tick the correct meaning )- Options are: a) shower of roses, b) A pleasant place in the shade under rose plants, c) A hut covered with roses?

Question 3 :Why does the poet want the violet to be in a rosy bower?

Question 4 :What lesson does the violet teach us?

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Answer starts below:

Answer 1: The colour of the flower was violet .

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Answer 2:The option is “b”.

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Answer 3: The poet wants the violet to be in the rosy bower to show its beauty . So that the poet can go to the valley to see the beautiful flowers.

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Answer 4: The poem teach us to be quiet, modest and gentle..

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  1. 1.How did the violet hide from view?
    2.How did the vilolet look? Where should it have been?
    3.What did it do in its shaded corner?
    4.Does the poet want to see the flower? Why?

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