Math Solution Profit and Loss through Videos: Part 2

Video 5:

This is the 2nd part of the previous sum’s (Math Solution Profit and Loss through Videos: Part 2) solutions.

00:19 Sum 1. Twenty identical articles are bought at 8 for Rs 48 and all of them are sold at 5 for 00:42 Find : (i) the profit percent made.
06:58 (ii) the total number of articles bought and sold in order to gain Rs 675.

07:11 Sum 2. Find the profit percent or loss percent made in each of the following cases, when :
(i) the S.P. of 15 identical articles is equal to the C.P. of 20 articles.

11:43 (ii) the S.P. of 20 identical articles is equal to the C.P. of 15 articles.

15:00 (iii) by selling 20 identical articles, a shopkeeper gains equal to S.P. of 5 articles.

18:50 Iv) By selling 20 identical articles, a shopkeeper gains equal to C.P. of 5 articles.

21:19 Sum 3. A man sells an article at 5% above its cost price. If he had bought it at 5% less than what he paid for it and sold it for Rs 2 less, he would have gained 10%. Find the cost price of the article.

Video 6:

00:19 Sum 1. A shopkeeper sells sugar in such a way that the selling price of 950 gm is the same as the cost price of one kg. Find his gain .

05:59 Sum 2. The cost of manufacturing of an article is made up of material, labor and overheads in the ratio 4 : 3 : 2. If the cost of labour is : 45, find the total cost of the article. Also, find the profit percent. if the article is sold for 180.

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11:59 Sum 3. A man sells 5 identical articles for 15 and makes a profit of 20%. Find his gain or loss per cent: if he sells 8 such articles for if 18.40.

Video 7:

00:17 Sum 1. A coal merchant makes a profit of 20% by selling firewood at Rs 25 per quintal.
(i) What did 240 quintals of firewood cost him?
ii) if he sells the firewood at Rs 22.50 per quintal, what is his profit percent on the whole investment.

09:07 Sum 2. A fruit seller loses 10% by selling oranges at 26 for Rs 25. How many oranges should he sell for Rs 5 to gain 17 percent?

15:11 Sum 3. A milkman purchases milk at the rate of 12 per liter and then mixes 25 percent water with it. Find his profit percent, if he sells the mixture at 15 per liter.

Video 8:

00:17 Sum 1. A fruit seller bought 80 kg of apples at Rs 12.50 per kg. He sold 50 kg of it at a loss of 10 percent. At what price per kg should he sell the remaining apples so as to gain 20 percent on the whole?

09:53 Sum 2. Two solutions A and B are mixed in the ratio 2 : 3 by volume in liter. The C.P. of solution A is Rs 350 per litre and that of B is Rs 400 per litre. If one-fifth of solution is sold at Rs 460 per litre and the remaining of it at Rs 550 per litre, find the profit percent on the whole.

20:24 Sum 3. A sold a table to B at a profit of 15% later on, B sold it back to A at a profit of 20% thereby gaining Rs 69. How much did A pay for the table originally?

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Video 9:

00:17 Sum 1. An article marked at Rs 450 is sold at a discount of 20%.
Find :.
(i) the discount given,
(ii) the selling price of the article.

09:53 Sum 2. A shopkeeper allows l0% discount on his article. What price must he mark on an article, which costs him Rs 750, to make a profit of 20%?

20:24 Sum 3. A sells an article priced at Rs 36,000. He gives a discount of 8% on the first Rs 20,000 and 5% on the remaining 16000. B also sells another article of the same kind priced at Rs 36,000. He gives a discount of 7% on the total price. Calculate the actual price charged by A and B for the articles.

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