Math Solution Profit and Loss through Videos: Part1

Video 1:

Math Solution Profit and Loss through Videos. In this video, the sums given below with its time link were discussed. 

0:00 Intro 0:57 Master Formula of Profit and Loss

7:05 Sum 1. By selling clothe at Rs 9 per metre , the shopkeeper loses 10%. At what rate should it be sold so as to gain 15%.

15:09 2. By selling an article for Rs225, the shopkeeper loses

25%. Find the gain or loss %, if the article be sold for Rs 360.

21:46 Sum3. A dealer sold two T.V. sets for rs 2400 each, gaining 20% on one set and losing 20% on the other set, find his net gain or loss and also express it as a percentage.

27:39 Sum 4. A shopkeeper makes a profit of 20% on selling a transistor radio for Rs 840. For how much should he sell another transistor radio, whose cost price is Rs 25 more than the first one, to make the same percentage profit?

Video 2:

0:28 Sum 1. A manufacturer makes a profit of 15 % by selling a colour TV . for Rs 5,750 . If the cost of manufacturing increases by 30 percent and its selling price is increased by 20 percent. find the profit percent made by the manufacturer.

10:06 Sum 2. The difference between selling an article at 6 % profit and at 9 % profit is Rs 9. Find the cost price of the article and also the two selling prices .

18:00 Sum 3. A table was sold at a gain of 10%. Had it been sold for Rs30 more the gain would have been 15 % . Find the CP of the table.

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24:59 Sum 4. A man sells a T.V. set for t 6,900 and makes a profit of 15 % . He sells a second T.V. set at a loss of 10 % . If on the whole , he neither gains nor loses , find the cost price of the second T.V. set .

Video 3:

0:50 Sum 1. Three articles A, B, and C are bought for Rs 4,000 each. Article A is sold at a loss of 15% and article B is sold at a profit of 25%. If the average selling price of all three articles is Rs 3,960; at what profit or loss percent is article C sold?

10:14 Sum 2. A manufacturer sells a radio, to a retailer at a profit of 10%. The retailer sells it to a customer for Rs 891 and thereby makes a profit of 8%. Find the manufacturer’s cost price of the radio.

22:07 Sum 3. A man buys two cycles for a total cost of Rs 900. By selling one cycle at a loss of 20% and the other at a profit of 25%, he makes a profit of Rs 90 on the whole transaction. Find the cost price of each cycle.

35:08 Sum 4. A man bought two transistors which cost him Rs 720. He sold one of them at a loss of 15% and the other at a gain of 19%. If the selling price of both the transistors is the same, find the cost price of each.

Video 4:

1:01 Sum 1. Two articles are sold for the same price, losing 10% on one and gaining 20% on the other. Find the cost price of each article, if Rs. 40 is gained on the whole transaction.

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09:51 Sum 2. Three articles are sold for Rs 1,890; Rs 2,400 and Rs 1,135 respectively. The first article is sold at 12.5% profit and the second at 20% profit. If on the whole a loss of 3 1/8% is made, find the cost price of the third article.

23:44 Sum 3. A shopkeeper bought locks at the rate of 8 locks for Rs 1700 and sold them at the rate of 12 locks for Rs 2850. Calculate:
i)his gain percent, and
Ii) the number of locks he should sell to earn a net profit of Rs 2250