Answer of “The Mouse’s Tale” English Literature Class 5

Question 1. Who was Fury?

Answer 1. Fury was a dog.

Question 2. Where did he meet the mouse?

Answer 2. He meet the mouse at the house.

Answer of "The Mouse

Question 3. What did Fury want to do, and why?.

Answer 3. Fury wanted to take the mouse to the law and prosecute him.
Fury wanted to go for a trial because he had nothing to do that morning.

Question 4. Why did the mouse think no trial could be held?

Answer 4. The mouse thought that there could be no trial because there will be no jury or judge.

Question 5. Why is the Fury called cunning?

Answer 5. Fury is called cunning because he had already decided to take the mouse for prosecution and give him the death sentence, wholely decideing on his own.

By: Lewis Carroll….
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