Oliver Goldsmith    
Reference to Context

(1) “Beside you straggling fence that skirts the way.”

Q (a) Describe the place where the schoolmaster taught his little school.

Ans:The school is situated in a village where there is a abundance of green bush .Bordered with an irregular fence stands a big building where his village master taught the little school.

Q (b) Explain straggling fence and unprofitably gay.

Ans:Straggling fence means irregular fence bordering the village school.It means uselessly bright this beauty served no purpose because there was body to admire it.

Q (c) Reference to the extract describe the schoolmaster .

Ans:The poet portraits disciplanarian. He was a man of stern appearance and every indisciplined student knew that they could not take liberties with him. Inspite of his strict exterior the school master was a hind man and had a love for knowledge and his pupils.

Q (d) Who laughed? Why did they laugh with counterfeited glee?

Ans:The indisciplined and idle student laughed with counterfeited glee . The master could tell many joked and even if the students did not feel like laughing at those jokes yet they pretended to be happy or merry to impress their teacher.

Q (e) Explain the line “The days disaster in his morning face.”

Ans:Day’s disaster means the misfortunes that were going to occur that day for the indisciplined students in the school .Morning face means expression seen on schoolmaster’s face in the morning.

Q (f) How did the people who laugh reacted when he frowned?

Ans: When truants and his other student found that the schoolmaster was not in the good mood,they would know before hand that day would bring disaster for them. The schoolmaster would punish them strictly for their little faults.

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Reference to Context

(2) Yet, he was hind, or if severe in ought.

Q (a)The poet has earlier referred to the schoolmaster as stern and strict.What reason doer he attribute later for this?

Ans: Schoolmaster was a kind-hearted teacher.He used to act though so that his students could develop a love for learning and become responsible citizens.

Q (b) What opinion the villagers have of him?

Ans: The whole of the village was in awe of his knowledge and his ability to solve problems effortlessly.

Q (c) What different qualities did the schoolmaster has?

Ans: The village schoolmaster could easily measure distance ,area and volume. He could deliver the accurate meanings of various expressions and could also predict the seasons and the events of the future .Everyone acknowledge that he was good at debating because he had the shill to continue with his arguments when he had lost the debate.

Q (d) Elaborate on his argumentative shills.

Ans:The schoolmaster had a good argumentative skill and could continue with his arguments even when has lost the debate.The village loved to gather around him to listen his learned words that were uttered in a high pitched voice.

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