Answer of The BROKEN WING English Literature Class 5

Question 1. Why did the two older brothers hate Il-Chung?

Answer 1. Il-Chung was handsome good and hardworking . The other two brothers were ugly and lazy. So, Il-Chung’s faters loved him the most. This made the other two brother hate him.

Question 2. Why was the Il-Cjung thrown out of the house?

Answer 2. Il-Chung’s brothers were jealous of him. When his father died , he was left at the mercy of his two vicious brother. So they threw Il-Chung out of his house.

Question 3. Was the pumpkin seed given by the bird , an ordinary seed? Give two reasons for your answer.

Answer 3. No, the pumpkin seed given by the bird was not an ordinary seed.
i)The seed spout within a night and the pumpkin tree became so big that it spread over the hut and under it and spread as far as Il-Chung could see. ii) The pumpkin tree had many juicy pumpkins which had gold coins inside.

Question 4. Why did Il-Chung wnat to share his goood fortune with his brothers?

Answer 4. Il-Chung wanted to bring over the heart of his brothers . So he wanted to share his good fortune with them. So that they call him back home.

Question 5. Describe the characters of the three brothers. Give examples from the text.

Answer 5. Tong-tongi was the eldest of the three brothers. He was lazy, ugly and jealous. He hated his younger brother and was cruel enough to throw him out of the house ; where his father died.
Sal-saree was the second brother of Il-Chung . He was also ugly, lazy and jealousof his younger brother. He had no intelligence of his own and repeated what his elder brother sai. So he hated Il-Chung.
Il-Chung was a good nature fellow, he was good looking, hardworking and loveable. He loved his brothers and not at all jealous of them and wanted stay with them happily.


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