Written In March Question Answer English Literature Class 5

Question 1. Why does the poet say that the streamisflowing ? What had happened to its earlier?

Answer 1. The poet say that the steam is flowing because this poem written in the month of March; which is begining of spring season. The water on the stream which was frozen in the winter months and started flowing with arival of spring. The stream had frozen during the winter months.

class=’shadow’ alt=’ ‘ Question 2. How does the lake glitter?

Answer 2. The lake glitter by the relection of the sun light.

Question 3. Who are the people working? Are there any people who are not working?

Answer 3. All the people either oldest or youngest were working with the strangest.

No, there are no such people who were not working.

Question 4. There are forty feeding like one means…..

Answer 4. All forty cattles are eating equally, steadily and with pleasure.

Question 5. Which places are still covered in snow.?

Answer 5. The peak of the mountain are still covered in snow.

Willian Wordsworth
was a well known English poet. He was famous for poems about nature.

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