Answer of “Fight Manju Fight” English Literature Class 5

Question 1. Manju wanted to paint. What were the problem she faced?

Answer 1. Manju wanted to paint but she had malformed fingers, two on each hand. She also had the problem because of the cost of the materials she would need.

Answer of "Fight Manju Fight" English Literature Class 5

Question 2. Did her family encouraged her? Who do you think was most encouraging?

Answer 2. No, All the memebers of her famil didn’t encouraged her escept her mother. She was encouraged by her mother and her brother. Her father was the person who objected to Manjula’s painting, because he thought he will not be able to fulfill the demand of his daughter when she would ask for oil paints and drawing papers, as they costs more. He also thought Manjula would be more fit to the kitchen work and household activities. Manjula’s mother goes more encouraging as she gave money to M to buy paper and paints. She was also given brushes by her brother.

Question 3. Why did Mr Parelkar not give money to buy water couler papers. ?.

Answer 3. Parelkar wanted her to do something that would be of practical use.

Question 4. Who was Rich Belanger?

Answer 4.Rich Belanger was a sportsman, who played soccer with his artificial feet. He lived in New Hampshire.

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