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Syllabus of Physics Class 9 of CBSE board of India

This syllabus is very general and is included every year by the board. However for a proper syllabus please visit the website of CBSE or contact your school.

Here’s an overview of the Syllabus of Physics Class 9 of CBSE  for the CBSE board in India:

  1. Chapter 8: Motion
    • Describing Motion
    • Measuring the Rate of Motion
    • Rate of Change of Velocity
    • Graphical Representation of Motion
    • Equations of Motion by Graphical Method
    • Uniform Circular Motion
  2. Chapter 9: Force and Law of Motion
    • Balanced and Unbalanced Force
    • First Law of Motion
    • Inertia and Mass
    • Second Law of Motion
    • Third Law of Motion
    • Conservation of Momentum
  3. Chapter 10: Gravitation
    • Gravitation
    • Freefall
    • Mass
    • Weight
    • Thrust
    • Archimedes Principle
    • Relative Density
  4. Chapter 11: Work and Energy
    • Work
    • Energy
    • Rate of Doing Work
  5. Chapter 12: Sound
    • Production of Sound
    • Propagation of Sound
    • Reflection of Sound
    • Range of Hearing
    • Applications of Ultrasound
    • Structure of Human Ear

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