Active Voice and Passive Voice Class 6,7,8,9,10

Do you heard about  ‘voice over ip’ then it gives the clear meaning of ‘voice’. It is also called ‘voip’ (voice over internet protocol). So what ever we speak or listen is called voice in simple language. When your voice is carried over ip then it may be in active voice or passive voice. You will feel that language has been complicated by these two voice. And you will also feel that what is the use of telling things in various way. My friend when your voice is carried over ip actively to your boss then it will be like a command and you can not command your boss. You have to say the matter passively. I am giving an example to clarify the use and benefit of the voice. 
Active voice- please download this file from your e-mail box.
Passive voice- This file is to be downloaded pleas from your box.
Here passive voice is the correct way of telling the matter.

Now comes to the main point. Active and passive voice. We are dealing the subject from class 3 or std 4, but even we are little bit confuse and not sure about the actual use and benefit of active and passive voice. 
Active Voice: When Grammatical subject perform any action.
  E.g.   Columbus discovered America. 
Its the very simple way of knowing active voice. Active voice is  the simplest way of telling, explaining or writing our feeling, emotion and understanding. 
Passive Voice: When grammatical subject is acted upon by the object. 
E.g. America was discovered by Columbus. 

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This is one of the great video (Urdu lecture) for learning active and passive voice. It is useful for class 6 up to class 10. Great video with full entertainment and jokes. Must watch. I am giving it 5 star rating.