Question Paper of Moral Science class 5 of a School Final year


Full Marks: 40
Class v

I. Answer the following questions:(8× 2=16)
a) What made Rita so cheerful

b) what does God want us to be?
C) How can we radiate beauty and spread cheer and happiness like the sunflower?
d) How did the man describe the nature to his companion?
e) How can life be destroyed?
f)How do our parents and elders show their love to us?
g) What is our duty towards our parents?
h) What is required to live in harmony in a family?

II . Fill in the blanks:(4 x 2=8)
a) Tree ______________ lasts for ever.
b) Happiness shared is happiness ______________.
C) ______________ is showing kindness to a person who does not deserve it.
d) Home is where the ______________ is.
Ill. What should be done and why? 4 x2=8
a) When you see your teacher struggling with a bundle of books,
b) When you see a blind man trying to cross a road.
c) When your friend is in need of money?
d) When your helper does not come to work?
IV) God measures our obedience to him by our obedience to our parents, teachers and elders. Write a prayer thanking him for your parents and teachers in school.

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