Question Paper English Language Class 5 of a School Final year

 Question Paper English Language of a School  Final year

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Class -V
Full Marks: 80
Time 2 Hrs

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1. Write a paragraph on any one topic. (15)
a)An experience in a crowded bus.
b) While walking on the road, you suddenly find a one thousand rupees note. What would you like to do with.
2. a) Write a letter to your friend inviting him her to join you in a picnic during the winter holidays.(10)
write a letter to your cousin about your hobby
3. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:
How often have you returned from a trip to the out doors disappointed at not having seen any animals? Some days even birds, other than bold and friendly ones, are hard to see. Wait There are certain explanations for this. Perhaps you were walking too fast or noisily on the dry leaf littered forest floor or you were talleing non-stop with a friend Or wearing bright-coloured clothes with a million little things jingling in your pockets? Before setting, out, be sure to prepare for your trip. Always wear dull, earth coloured clothes in the woods. Never carry or wear shiny, metallic objects. Wild birds and animals are extremely sharp eyed and alert. Most often, strange, noisy and brightly coloured clothes send the creatures running away into hiding, Luck, as well as patience and knowledge is equally important to have a glimpse of these creatures When watching animals, use their own methods of camouflage. Try and wear a hat or a cap that hides a good part of your forehead, for it is one part of the body that stands out, Carry a green netting which you can we as a hide. a) What are the two things one should avoid when going out to watch wildlife?(2)
b) What kind of clothes should one war in the woods (2)
c) What are the two ways of camouflage mentioned in the passage(2)
d) Choose the correct answer: (1 x 2- 2)
i) This passage is meant for people who like to watch.
1) birds 2) Animals 3) nature and wildlife ii)It tells us how to act.
1) At the Zoo. 2)in a park 3) in the woods or forests.
e) Make sentences with the following words: (1 x 3= 3)
disappointed, patience, bright coloured
f)Find out the words in the passage which mean the following (1 x 4)
i)to hide something or blend with to surrounding
ii) information gained through experience
iii) to the highest degree
iv) light ringing sound
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4. Pick out adverbs and state their kinds(2 x 5 10)
a) The old man laughed merely
b) Lost time never returns
c) Kapil has completely forgotten to invite us
d) The programme is going to begin soon e) All the books were lying here on the floor
5.Change the sentences as directed in the bracket:(1 x 7=7)
a) We caught the late evening bus.(Future continuous Tense)
b) Susan is writing a story. (Past Perfect Tense)
c) The policeman ran after the thief (Turn to negative)
d) They talk to us rudely.(Present Continuous Tense)
e) Sweta has a toothache. (Simple Future Tense)
Prince goes to dance class with his friend. (Present perfect Tense)
g) The old farmers are ploughing the field.(Simple Present Tense)
6. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions(1 x 7 7)
a) Remo goes home lunchtime week days
b) I went Rajasthan last year December
c) The tiger swam the river
d) The students reached the school 6:30 am but the school gates nd open it was 7:30 am
7.Fillin the blanks with the correct tense of the verbs given in the bracket:(1 x 6 =6)
a)_____________ you ever____________ to New York ?(be))
b)We______just_______________the news of his promotion (receive)
Final TE 15-16/ Class v English Lan
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c) They ___________________(drink) small cups of coffee after they___________________(finish) their supper.
8. Use but although, because, in order to, since, ‘or’ to join three pair of sentences correctly:(1 x5=5)
a) The bey did not succeed. He studied hard.
b)went go to School tomorrow. I am down with fever.
c) Joseph bought a book on aviation. He wanted to learn more about flying.
d) Many things have changed. I came here last year.
e) The restaurant was not very nice. The food was delicious.
9.write a paragraph describing the picture given below:(5)
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