Question Paper of History Class 5 of a School Final year

Question Paper of History Class 5 of a School Final year
Class V)
Time):2 Hrs.)
Full Marks: 80)

This Question Paper Consists of 02 printed pages.

1. Fill in the blanks (1 x 15 15)
a) Galileo was the first person to study the _________________ through a ________________
b)Christopher Columbus was a _____________________explorer who discovered ______________and_______________
c) After the Dutch came the ________________ from ______________and settled at Serampore. d) The first railway in India was constructed in______________ . It ran between _____________ and _______________
e) Educated Indians started bringing in ______________and ________________reforms to change the general outlook of the people. f)The First world war broke with _________, ___________ , __________ and some other countries on one side and Germany on the other.
2. Name the following:
a)The head of the council of Ministers.(1)
b)Machine used instead of ballot box. (1)
c) The head of the Republic of India.(1)
(3) d) Three main organs of the government.(3)
e) Three most important leaders of the Congress in its earliest days.(3)
f) Four Social reformers.(4)
g)Four leaders of the First war of Independence. (4)
h) People who came to loot India (any three)(3)
3. Answer the following questions:
a) Explain two effects of Industrial Revolution.(5)
b)What was zamindari system? why was it formed?(5)
c)Write a short note on the impact of western education on Indian thinkers.(5)
d)write a short note on the first war of independence.(5)
e)Write short notes on the following movements:
i)Civil Disobedience.(5)
ii) Jallian Wala Bagh Massacre.(5)
iii)Gandhiji’s Satyagrah movement.(5)

4. Match the following (write side by side). (5 x 2=10)

a)Tipu Sultana)French General
b) Vasco da gamab)1930
c)Civil disobedience Movementc) Bankima Chandra Chattopadhyaya
d)Vande Mataram (National Song)d) MYSORE
e) Dupleixe) Portuguese