Up in the Air – Reference to the Context Class 6

Answer with reference to the context.
1.“They gazed in wonder at the strange new visitor.”
Question a. who are they? Who is the visitor?
Question b. How had the visitor reached the house?
Question c. Why did they gaze at the visitor in wonder?
Question d. ?

Answer a. They are Jane and Michael the two children of Mr and Mrs Banks. Visitor is the Mr Poppins.

Answer b. The visitor Mr Poppins reached the house holding her hat with one hand and carrying a bag in the other. As she was inside the gate , the wind seemed to haul her up into the air and fling her at the front door of the house.

Answer c. They gazed at the wisitor in wonder because they had never seen the thing like this. Mr Poppins was completely a strange in look and feel to them.

2.“Well, this is indeed a pleasant surprise,” a voice greeted them.
Question a. Who were being greeted? And who greeted them?
Question b. Why could they only hear the voice and not see the person the speaker?
Question c. Who do you think was more surprised: the speaker or the ones spoken to? Quote a line from the text that, justifies your answer.?

Answer a. Marry Poppins , Jane and Michael were greeted by Mr Wigg.

Answer b. They could not see the speaker because the speaker was hanging in the air upside. That is why they can only hear the voice of Mr Wigg.

Answer c. Jane and Michael were more surprised.

THE LINE: “saw that the children were so astonished at seeing him up in the air, tht their mouths were wide open.”

3. “It’s awkward, of course,” he continued, but not unpleasant. Does this ever happen to either of you?.
Question a. Who is the speaker? To whom is the person speaking ?
Question b. What awkward, but not unpleasant’ thing is the speaker referring to? Did that thing happen to the people the person was speaking to?
Question c. Do you think it is awkward? Why??
Question d. ?

Answer a. Mr Wigg is the speaker. He is speaking to Jane and Michael.

Answer b. The awkward is the state of being remain floating in the air due to becoming filled with the laughig gas on his birthday. It causes him difficulty of not getting down untill something sad or serious thought comes in the mind of Mr Wigg.

It did not happen to the person he is speaking to.

Answer c. Yes , I think it is completely awkward. It is because too much laughing can put someone at this state is not acceptable for a normal person. sometime’s fun is alright but compulsory happening is awkward. He was once 12 hours floating in the air; which is completely problamatic.

4.“We’re here and it’s there. It’s an awful tragedy! But it’s terribly comic too!’ .
Question a. Who are ‘here’ and what is “there’? Also, explain ‘here’ and ‘there’?
Question b. Why does the speaker refer to the situation as a tragedy’?
Question c. What do you think of the incident-is it tragic or comic??

Answer a.Mr Wigg, Jane and Michael are here and Table was still there (on the floor) . Here means the up side in the air ; where two children Jane and Michael were hanging in the air with Mr Wigg. There indicates the floor on which the table was laying.

Answer b. The situation is tragedic because Jane and Michael were hanging with Mr Wigg the table was still on the floor. They were about to have tea. If table is on the floor and all of them were up in the air then it is completely a tragedy at this situation.

Answer c. I think it comic rather than tragedic. Watching this type of situation is funny in normal scene. Guests are hanging up in the air inside the room and a table remains on the floor. If someone entes at this situation then he will feel fun and he will be unable to stop his laugher. Therefore according to my point of view it is completely comic.

By: P L Travers


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