Answer of ‘Up In the Air’ English Literature Class 6

Question 1. Who lived at Number 17? How could one reach it?

Answer 1.Mr. and Mrs Banks lived there with their four children.

It was situated in Cherry Tree Lane. One can reach by enquiring the policeman at the cross road. He will points the required road. From there first to your right second to your left and then right again to reach at Number 17.

Question 2. Describe the appearance of Marry Poppins?

Answer 2.Marry Poppins was quite strange in physical look. She was holding her hat in one hand and she was carrying a bag in other. She was thin with large feet and hands. Her eyes were smalll with peering blue.

Question 3. Why did Michael think Mr Wigg was called so?

Answer 3.Michael thought was matching with the activity of Uncle Albert whose behaviour and lifestyle was full of funny activity. At his birthday ( Friday) he used to feel a surprising thing in himself. On his birthday he becomes so filled with laughig gas that he couldn’t keep him on the ground. With that funny thought he used to feel like a balloon and used to become floating in air. That is why his name was so called Mr Wigg.

Question 4. Do you think Mr Wigg was funny? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer 4. Mr Wigg was very funny. He can laugh at almost everything. He is very cheerful man. As and when a funny thought comes to his mind , he becomes like a balloon and finally he remains floating in the air untill he he can think something sad or serious. On Friday which was his birthday he was in a circus. On that day he was so amused that he was in the air for 12 hours and finally got down at stroke of midnight because the next day was Saturday.

Question 5. What did Marry Poppins consider undignified? What is your opinion about it?

Answer 5. Roaring with laughter in the air of All three Mr Wigg, Jane and Michael was very displeasing to Marry Poppins . This was very undignified for her. I think in this type of situation when everyone use laugh and someone don’t get the reason of laughing then he will feel isolated from the social point of view. Therefore it is very usual to be displeasing for him.

Question 6. What brought Mr Wigg and the guests down on the floor with a thud? Why do you think it brought them down?

Answer 6.The thought that they would have to go to home was the first sad thought of the day and the moment it came to their mind the laughing gas went out of them and they got down with a thud.

Sudden thought of going home is very critical thought for anyone. The momenint of this thout immediately stopped their laughter and turned them to sad state of mind. That is why this thought brought them down.

Question 7. Did the children enjoy Mr Wigg’s tea party? Why do you think so?

Answer 7. The children fully enjoyed the tea party. It because they laught fully on that day . This kind of thing was very unusual for them. That gave a new charm to the children. They also saw to laught at almost everything from Mr Wigg. It was a great experience of their life to remain in the air and having tea with a hanging table in the air. It is because of this type of funny situation and their involvement I think they fully enjoyed the tea party of the afternoon.

This is a extract of a popular children’s book , Marry Poppins. … P. L. Travers