Concept of Phrases and Clauses English Grammar for all higher Class

Concept of Phrases and Clauses are still much more confusing for students. But after going through this topic students will be more confident about phrases and clauses.

Phrase: Three most basic elements of phrase are:
-Phrases are Group of words.

Concept of Phrases English Grammar Class 10

-Phrases Can not be used alone as it has got no complete meaning.

-Phrases Has no subject and verb.


  • On the hill.
  • to read it
  • In the north.
  • Have to complete the task
  • On the table.
Concept of Clauses English Grammar Class 10

Clauses: The Three most basic elements of clauses are:

+Clauses are also Group of words.

+Clauses Can be used alone as it makes sense by itself.

+Phrases Has subject and verb.

Examples of Clauses:

  • who reach school late
  • He is energetic.
  • Til he stop shouting .
  • Which is made up of Gold.

Types of Phrases:

types of phrases

Noun Phrases:The word group modifies the noun in the sentence. This group of words is called noun phrases.

Examples Noun Phrases:

  • A bright blue Shirt.
  • Large quantity of water.
  • A sharp knife.
  • An interesting and beautiful place.

Verb Phrases: Thre phrase contains helping verb and main verb. The helping verb modifies the main verb.

Examples Verb phrases:

  • Has finished.
  • Has got

Adjective Phrases:It gives more information of the adjective. It modifies the Adjective.

Examples of Adjective Phrases:

  • way too high.
  • More beautiful.
  • VeryNice

Adverb Phrases:This phrase gives information about verb and in a way modifies it.

Examples of Adverb phrases:

  • Carefully written
  • Nicely done
  • Really told
  • Properly behaved.

Prepositional Phrases:This phrase gives information about preposition.

Examples of prepositional phrase:

  • On the table
  • In the east
  • from the tree

Types of Clauses:There are two types of clause. Independent clause and dependent clause.

Independent Clause: It has got independent existance

Dependent Clause:It has not got an independent existance.

Examples of independent clause and Dependent clause:First part of these sentences are independent. And last part is dependent clauses.

  • You may sit wherever you want
  • We cannot leave till it stops raining.
  • I know that he is a rogue.

Types of dependent clause:There are three types of dependent clause. Noun clause, Adjective clause and Adverb clause.

Examples of noun clause:

  • I know that he is a rogoue.
  • He said that Rahim is poor.
  • Shilpa informed me that she will be absent tomorrow.

Examples of adjective clause:

  • Pujpils who reach school late are fined .
  • New Delhi which is 1200 km far from Durgapur.
  • Table which is made of glass.

Examples of Adverb clause:

  • We cannot leave till it stops raining.
  • We have to console him till he doesn’t stops crying.
  • We have to wait for result of the kite competition till the kite keeps flying.

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