4. He said, “When is the next train?”-Change Narration

17. He said, “When is the next train?”

Ans.: He asked when the next train was.

18. “Where is your little companion?” He said to the children.

Ans.: He asked children where their little companion was.

19. He said to me, “Are you well?”

Ans.: He asked me if he was well.

20. He said, “Do you know me?”

Ans.: He asked if she knew her.

21. Ram said to hurry , “Will you go there?”

Ans.: Ram asked Hari if he would go there.

22. The teacher said , ” why are you late Ram?”

Ans.: The teacher asked Ram why he was late.

23. He said , , ” Is it day or night?”

Ans.: He asked if it was day or night .

24. ” Will you be here for the next five minutes?” He said, “yes”, I answered.

Ans.: He asked me if I would be there for the next five minutes and I answered yes.

 4. He said, "When is the next train?"-Change Narration

25. The teacher said , ” Who does own this office book?”

Ans.: The teacher asked who owned that office book .

26. ” Do you like this ?” He said ,”yes”, I answered.

Ans.: He asked me if he like that and I answered yes.

27. He said, ” Will you come to the cinema?” ,I said ,”yes.”

Ans.: He asked me if I would come to the cinema and I answered yes.

28. I said to him, ” Have you prepared your lesson? “,He replied, “yes.”

Ans.: I asked him if he had prepared his lessons and he answered yes .

29. Sumita said to Prabal , “good morning.How are you?”

Ans.: Sumita wished Prabal good morning and asked how he was .

30. The boy said to the teacher , ” May I enter the class, sir?”

Ans.: The boy asked the teacher if he might enterthe class.

31. He said , ” Do you know who is coming? ”

Ans.: He asked me weather I knew who was coming .

32. Hello! he said, “Do you need any help?”

Ans.: He wished me hello and asked if I needed any help.