The House On the Heath Questions and Answers Class 4 ICSE

QUESTION ANSWER Question 1.Where the chase children arrived after their journey?

Answer 1. The Chase children arrived in London on a cold, wet dark evening after their journey from the north.

Question 2. What were their expectations after arriving in London?

Answer 2.Children expected to be met at the station but no one was there for them. They waited and waited, while the evening grew darker and their toes and noses colder.

Question 3. What are the name of the children? State their condition on arriving in London?

Answer 3.The chase children are four in numbers. Sally, elder girl put her pet dog Snippet inside her coat to keep him warm but he still shivered. Kiwi, a boy stood on the sides of his feet and hung his head, like a tired pony. John seems to be the eldest who frowned and Jinny was the youngest of them all.

Question 4. What did the Children do after waiting for long?

Answer 4. After waiting for a long time, John took the decision at last to take a taxi.

Question 5. Where were their destination after arriving in London?

Answer 5.The children wanted to reach their Grandfather’s house which was their destination.

Question 6. What was the name of their Grandfather’s house?

Answer 6.The name of their grandfather’s house was Ringer’s Roost.

Question 7. Where was Ringer’s Roost situated?

Answer 7.The Ringer’s Roost was situated on Hampstead Heath.

Question 8. What did the Children do after reaching their destination?

Answer 8.After reaching their destination, children did not waste their time and tried to figure out where they were present. The heath was dark and unfriendly. A lamp post shining nearby showed them the name, they had thought they would never see that night-Ringer’s Roost.

1-Reference to the context:” We will have to take a taxi. At last it will make a beastly great hole in our hole funds but it’s the only thing.”
Question a. Who said this to whom?

Answer a.The given lines are said by John to Kiwi, Sally and Jinny.

Question b. Why John decided to take a taxi?

Answer b.John decided to take a taxi because they had no option other than waiting at the London station or taking a cab. Therefore John took the decision of taking a taxi because they were fed up with waiting there.

Question c. Were the chase children successful in getting a taxi ?

Answer c.Yes the chase children were successful in getting a taxi.

Question d. Where did they want to reach?

Answer d. The children wanted to reach their grandfather’s house which was situated on hampstead heath named ringers roost.

Question e. What was the behaviour of the taxi driver?

Answer e.The behaviour of the taxi driver was very rude towards the children however somehowthey convinced him to take them to hampstead heath.

2-“A lamp post shining nearby showed them the name they had thought they would never see that night- Ringers Roost.”
Question a. How did the cab driver behave with the children when they reached hampstead heath?

Answer a.When they’ve reached the Hampstead heath the taxi driver reply to them in a very cruel manner well it’s not and you would better get out of my cab and find it he dumped their suitcases on the road and snatched the pound note which Sally was clutching.

Question b. What decision was taken by John?

Answer b.John took a very sensible decision not to waste any time there talking and to find their grandfather’s house ringers roost.

Question c. Were they successful in finding the ringers roost?

Answer c.yes the children were successful in finding their grandparents house which they hoped they would not see that night.

Question d. Who fumbled for the bell and pressed hard?

Answer d.John fumbled for the bell and press it hard.

Question e. What was the condition of the house ringers roost?

Answer e.The Ringer’s roost was situated on dark and unfriendly hampstead heath when John fumbled for the bell and pressed hard there was no one in the house the letter which their mother had written to their grandfather was line in the letter box.