What is the Difference between Definite and Indefinite Integral?

What Is The Difference Between Definite & Indefinite Integral?

Integrals are the most prominent section in the subject of calculus. And in the following post below, we will focus on the following facts:

  • Difference between definite and indefinite integral
  • How to calculate integral with an online integral calculator

So let’s get ahead now!

Definite Integral:

An integral that represents a certain number on the basis of constant limits is known as the definite integral.

Generic Form:

The generic notation of a definite integral is shown below:

abf(x) dx

How To Calculate Definite Integral?

Calculate the value of the following integral:

122x dx


By using the basic rules of integration, we will first resolve the indefinite integral as follows:

2x dx=x2+c

Now applying limits to the integral calculated





Which is the required answer.

Indefinite Integral:

An indefinite integral always results in an exact answer after the integration ends.

Generic Form:

f(x) dx

How To Calculate Indefinite Integral?

Simplify the following integral



Here we have to use the power rule of integration that is also applied by the integral calculator to evaluate the given integration problems.

The power rule states that:

(a/(n+1)) * x^(n+1)

Now by applying this rule to the given question:

∫(3x^2 + 2x + 1) dx

= (3/(2+1)) * x^(2+1) + (2/(1+1)) * x^(1+1) + (1/(0+1)) * x^(0+1) + C

= x^3 + x^2 + x + C

C is the integration constant.

What Is an Integral Calculator?

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The reasons why this tool is widely utilized by professionals and students include:

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So make your integration simple and fast with the use of this online integration by parts calculator. It helps you to integrate a function partly by part so that you may understand complementary how it is done.


Learning integration techniques can help you a lot in analyzing different statistical behaviors. And if you feel any difficulty in resolving integrals, the above article will help you a lot in understanding the basic differences in different types of integrals.

Besides if you feel any trouble in calculating integration-related problems, using the integration calculator will assist you for sure. It automates and speeds up your computations so that you may get a grip on this calculus concept completely.