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How to Learn Conversation in Past tense

This article is for Hindi medium students; who face problem in English conversation  in past tense. If you go through this article. Then I assure you that you can teach others about past tense. 1.तुमने लिखा।=S+V (S=subject, V=verb, O=Object)2.तुमने पत्र  लिखा। =S+O+V3.तुमने एक  पत्र  लिखा। S+O+V4.तुमने कल एक  पत्र  लिखा। S+O+V1.तुमने लिखा।=You wrote.S+V2.तुमने पत्र  लिखा। =You wrote letter.S+V+O3.तुमने एक  पत्र  लिखा।=You wrote a letter. S+V+O4.तुमने कल एक  पत्र  लिखा।=You wrote a letter