How to Search Mathematics Problem on Google | Formula related sums


OK friends. I have given a lot of education-related solutions and articles on mathematics. But today I am going to disclose golden tips about mathematical formula-related sums. After reading this you will save the money you pay for your private tuition (Tutor). There are also a lot of videos also on Youtube about solutions to a mathematical problem. One student has become puzzled about finding a solution to a sum from Google. Actually, formula writing is not easy to handle on web pages. The web pages convert formulas into another format which is not easy to read. But it can be understood.

I will give here step by step method of a searching formula-related math problems on Google.

  Step 1: First of all write the formula in any word processor e.g. MS Word as shown in the figure. Watch the video to learn to write this formula in MS Word.

Step 2: Copy and paste this formula into Google Search Engine box. This pattern will get changed automatically to inline form in the Google Search box. This will come as shown here in this image.
Step 3: Next click on a proper result to get the solution of that mathematics problem in text form.
Step 4: Do you have confusion for understanding the problem. Go to youtube and do the same search as you did on Google SE. You will get the solution in videos.

This is the best way to get the solution of any maths problem. 
Watch the solution of the above sum by searching the problem (sum) on Youtube or directly watch my channel.
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