It’s a somber reality that when we’re toddlers, we wish to grow old and when we’re adults, we wish to go back to our childhood days.

Of course, I regret the passing of my childhood days. I really miss those innocuous fights, splendid games, crazy fears and the concern of my parents that acted as a shield to protect me against everything.

Those were the days when I didn’t have to worry about anything. Also, whatever I wished was fulfilled by my parents. This self-centered world was far away from my reach. I was free to do everything and anything and I knew that if I fall, my dad was there to hold me up. But today, I have no one by my side.

i remember i remember Write in about 250 words whether or not you regret the passing of your childhood days

Being a toddler, fights meant not talking for a day and when the demands were not fulfilled, simply shedding off tears did everything. Today, there is no one to lend a shoulder to sob and fights mean “Good Bye for-ever”. I yearn to go back to those blessed days and stay there for an unchanged forever.

Childhood is that period of a man’s life when there’s no worries, work or anxieties and is liberated from the filthy noise of the worldly stuff. A child’s soul is the purest of all and all it desires is of love. It’s said that time flies and so does the childhood. We don’t realize how and when the childhood gets blurred and we enter into our adulthood- a sinful phase of life.

The poem I REMEMBER I REMEMBER is written by Thomas Hood

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