1. ‘The Heart of the Tree’ English Literature ICSE Class 9 & 10

This is the first video of English Literature for class 9 and 10.


  • Poem of twenty seven(27) lines
  • Divided into three stanzas
  • Each stanza comprises of nine lines


The Heart of the Tree is based on the significance of trees. The poem focusses on the divergent benefits of planting a tree. Nature is our prime requirement. Mankind cannot imagine a world without trees and plants. It would be rather a dull place without Mother Nature. In fact we humans are totally dependent on it because Nature is our lifeline. But in this world of development and technology, nature is now harassed by us. Various anthropogenic factors are the causes of its destruction in which Urbanization is the dominant factor. Cover of vegetation is been cleared in order to construct buildings, roads and so on. LINE BY LINE SUMMARY OF THE POEM

1-The poet asks a question.

2-He himself answers the question asked in the poem. A person who plants tree plants a friend of sun and sky. We all know that trees and plants in order to manufacture their food requires sunlight that comes from the sun. In this manner, the sun is helping the tree. Hence the poet stated the tree as a friend of sun and we see the sun in the sky.

3-A flag of breeze is also planted at the same time Whenever the wind blows, movement occurs in the flag. Similarly, the poet has compared the movement of leaves in the trees to the movement of the flag.

4-The grown up a tree looks beautiful as a tower.

5-Also, a home is built near heaven.

6-when a tree is planted habitat for animals and birds are also planted. The bird builds its nests in the tree and the twittering of the birds is soothing to ears. The twittering of the birds has been compared to the lullaby or the croon.

7-This croon can be heard in silence and during twilight.

8-The planting of the tree leads to the plantation of peace and harmony.

10:The poet again asks the same question.

11:He himself again answers the question asked in the poem.A Cool shade is planted in the process of planting a tree and tender rain. Now we know that shade is given by the tree when it grows up and rain is received due to the transpiration process that adds up to the water vapor in the atmosphere. These water droplets condense to form clouds which ultimately come down to earth as rain.

12-13: A tree provides seed and bud in consequence. The years come with the arrival of different seasons.

14:Planting trees increase the beauty of an area.

15-16: Also, the cover of beautiful trees becomes a site of heritage and ‘harvest of a coming age’.

17-18: The various benefits will be seen by the upcoming generations. These things are planted who plants a tree.

19:The poet again asks the same question.

20:He himself again answers the question asked in the poem. When a tree is planted at the same time sap, leaf and wood are also sown in the ground. It means when the tree grows up it provides sap and leaves as well as wood.

21:love and loyalty are also planted consequently.

22:According to the poet, planting a tree is a civic good done for the society.

23:Indirectly the person blesses his neighborhood as they will enjoy the benefits from the tree planted by the person.

24-25: When the person plants the tree with the help of his hand he holds the growth of all the land. It means the nurturing of the land comes as a responsibility to the person.

26: Planting trees increases the resources of a country that indirectly increase the growth of the country.

27:This all things are considered by the person who plants a tree.