Logo Design | Learning Logos

Introduction: Logo programming language was developed by Seymount Pappert in 1960. The full form of logo is language of graphic oriented.

Use of logo:
*it  is used to draw picture.
it is used to solve mathematical some.
 *It  is used to make shapes of various sizes. * It is used to create graphics .
* It is used to create sound and music.
*It is used to paint closed shapes.

The window screen of MSW Logo window has following parts:
Menu bar, Title bar, Main Drawing area, Turtle, Recall List Box and Input command window.
 *Forward line command FD 100 for drawing a line of 100 unit.
*For turning right or left , write this command
RT 90 for turning right at 90 degree and LT 90 for turning left at 90 degree.

The command can also be written in small case e.g. lt 90.
For turning right at an angle of 135 degree , write RT 135. 
NOTE: Always put space between command text and its value e.g. between RT and 135 there will be a space. RT SPACE 135.

 *Clear screen command : cs
*Setting pen size command: setpensize [5 5] 
*Pen up command: PU
*Pen down command : PD
*Pen size command: setPenSize [5 5]
*setPenSize [12 12]
*Print command: Print [ I read in class 3]
The output will be I read in class 3
*Print command for math operation: Print 6+4
The output will be ’10’
*repeat command  for drawing a rectangle : repeat 2 [FD 100 RT 90 FD 30 RT 30]
*Circle command : circle 100

In the video given below , rectangle is drawn with simple command and with repeat command. Also the pen up command and pen down command’s use are shown. Watch this video.This is very interesting video. Making star , making magnetic needle and other beautiful design drawing have been shown in this video.
Making Star: repeat 5 [FD 120 RT 144] 
Making magnetic needle: repeat 18 [FD 220 RT 160] 
Circular design: repeat 50 [FD 200 RT 80 FD 200 RT 90] 
 Tyre looking design: repeat 180 [FD 72  RT 47 CIRCLE 40]