Question Answers Of King Bruce and The Spider | English Literature | Class 4

Question 1 : What does king Bruce learn from the spider ?

Question 2 : What is the tale that “gossips” tell about King Bruce ?

Question 3 : What lesson does the poem teach you ?

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Answer starts below:

Answer 1: King Bruce had learnt most important lesson of life from the spider. Being disappointed with himself, he hid in a cave as he could not succeed in driving away the English from Scotland after fighting battle. He was lying in a state of despair and almost decided that he would not be fighting any more battle against the English just then his eyes fell on a spider; which was hanging by its silken thread and was trying to climb up to reach its cobweb. It failed several times.The King felt that spider would not make any more attempt as it had failed 9 times . But to the King’s surprise once again spider climbed up its silken thread and slowly and steadly it was able to reach its destination. Thus the little spider taught him that failure is a stepping stone to success if one doesn’t stop trying.

or—Short Answer

King Bruce learnt very important lesson of his life from the spider. The spider fell down and was hanging with its silken thread. After that the spider kept trying continuously. Ultimately the spider reached its destination after 9 attempts. Thus the little spider taught him that failure is a stepping stone to success if one doesn’t stop trying.

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Answer 2: The success of the spider arouse a ray of hope in the heart of King Bruce. He shook off his despair, Thus began to organise his men once again. And this time the “gossip” tell the King Bruce had not only won the battle but also was successful in driving away the English from his Kingdom, Scotland.

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Answer 3: We know that no man is perfect. Even then we always hope of achieving success only. This is not always possible. Sometimes, we also meet with failure. Instead of being disappointed with ourselves, We must recognise our drawbacks and try to rectify our errors; which are the causes of our failures. We must never give up hope and keep on trying until we succeed.

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