The Ballad of Father Gilligan English Literature for Class 8

Q(01) Why was Father Gilligan ‘weary’? Why was he unable to rest?

Ans: Father Gilligan was tired because he has to work night and day. Most of the people in the village were either sick or have died. At their sick bed, they were calling father Gilligan for prayer and a peaceful journey of the soul.
Hence, the father has to attend them.

Q(02) When did Father Gilligan realise when he awoke from sleep? What did he do then?

Ans: Father Gilligan realised that, he has slept throughout the evening and woke up early the next morning.

As soon as he woke up he stood upright on the floor and roused his horse put of its sleep. He then rode away to that sick man’s house.    

Q(03)What did he learn from the sick man’s wife?

Ans:  When Father Gilligan reached the sick man house he learnt that the man had died an hour gap.

Q(04) What made Father Gilligan kneel down?

Ans:  When father Gilligan was taking rest, a sick man at his dead bed called for him. During about the call father grumbled that he have no time for rest, joy nor peace as people are dying in that village every now and then. Same that he realised his mistake and kneel down before God asking for forgiveness.

Q(05) What is your impression of Father Gilligan

Ans:  Father Gilligan is a hard working person. He is simple God loving man who care for human beings. He never use any harsh word and think bad for others.He has complete faith in God.     

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Q(06)What message is the poet trying to convey through the story?

Ans:  The message ,the poet is trying to convey through this poem is that God help those who help others.Father Gilligan who have complete faith in God felt asleep when he was supposed to be beside a sick man .But when he was sleeping God sent his messenger in disguise of Father Gilligan to the sick man’s house .God knew Father Gilligan was extremely tired so God helped him at the time of need.     

Q(07) What does the speaker mean by ‘My body spake not I’?

Ans:  The speaker meant that he had not grumbled on the sick man from his heart. His body was extremely tired so his body grumbled not he.     

Reference to the Context.

(1) And after cried ‘God forgive my body ……..

Q(1-a) What did the speaker say just before he said these words.

Ans:  Just before this speaker grumbled that due to attending the sick people he is extremely tired and has no time for rest,joy , peace because in the village people are dying due to an epidemic.     

Q(1-b) Why does the speakers ask for God forgiveness?.

Ans:  The speaker is a priest who is not supposed to grumble when people needed him.  Moreover ,he grumbled on a man who was about to die so he asked for God’s help.     

(2) ‘When you were gone he turned and deed as merry as a bird.’

Q(2-a)Who is the speaker

Ans:  The speaker is the sick man’s wife .     

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Q(2-b) Who does ‘you’ refer to

Ans:  ‘you’ is referred to Father Gilligan.     

Q(2-c) What incident is the speaker referring to

Ans:  The sick man called for Father Gilligan .When Father Gilligan reached the sick man’s house in the next morning the sick man’s wife was surprised to see the father .She told that father had already come an hour ago and visited the sick man.     

(3) ‘He who is wrapped in people robes……..’

Q(05)Who is the speaker?

Ans:  The speaker is Father Gilligan.     

Q(05) Who is ‘He’

Ans:  ‘He’ is referred to God.     


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