How to Make Star without Crossing Lines with MSWLogo

Step 1 : Firs we need to calculate the total angle of pentagon formed inside the star. The formula of total angle of a pentagon is 90x(2n-4). One internal angle is {90x(2n-4)}/n. Thus putting the value of n=5, we get internal angle as 1080 .

Step 2 : Therefore base angle of the highlighted triangle will be:
1800-1080 = 720.

Step 3 : Therefore angle on the joint of the lines at second turn as shown in the diagram will also be 72 as shown in the image.

Step 4 : Therefore the final command for making the star without crossing lines will be :
repeat 5 [ fd 200 rt 144 fd 200 lt 72] ↵  
That’s all. If you have any problem in creating any shape with MSWLogo, then feel free to comment below.

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