Father’s Help English Literature Question and Answer

By:R.K. Narayan
1. At nine-thirty, when he ought to have been shouting…………

Q ( A):    What would Swami usually do during prayer time at school?

Q ( B ):   What, According to father,is the cause of Swami’s headache?

Q ( C ):    Is Swami honest in his words? When he give the excuse.

Q ( D ):   What was usual activity of Swami mentioned in the first para.

Q ( E ):   Why did Swami change his tactics while giving excuse in front of his father?

Ans. A:   Swami used to shout during prayer time at school.

Ans.B :   According to father playing too much on weekends is the cause of Swami’s headache.

Ans.C :   No Swamy is not honest in his word. Swamy changed his tactics as per the situation.

Ans. D :    Swami used to shout out in the School Prayer Hall during prayer time. This was the usual activity of Swami in the school. Perhaps he doesn’t like the system of continuous teaching period after period. And also it may be that he used to feel uneasy in the system of the school.

Ans. E:   Swami knew his father cannot be made fool easily. Also he knew his father was stubborn and strict. Therefore he changed his tactics while giving excuse in front of his father.

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2. As he approached the yellow building he realized…………he grieved for him the dark face,.

Q ( A ):   Why was Swami in fears for the consequences of delivering letter to the headmaster?

Q ( B ):   Why was Swami was thinking more about Samuel>?

Q ( C ):    Why Swami realized that he was purjuing himself?

Ans. A:   Swami was in fear for the consequences of delivering the letter, because he new that if he deliver the letter , the Samuel would be dismissed by the headmaster and he would be chained by police and would be finally put in jail.

Ans. B:   Swami was thinking more about his teacher because his inner soul was good and he didn’t wanted the punishment of his teacher. He was much angry on his father for raising the issue unnecessarily that put an unnecessary mental pressure on Swami for unwanted consequences. It was just a matter of excuse for not going to school as small part of his dislike about the school.

Ans. C:   Swami was feeling guilty for telling lie to his father about his teacher Samuel. This was big concern for his mental puzzle.

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