6.Sum of Electrical Power Physics Class 10



Three sums of electrical power have been discussed. Here. This sum will give a basic idea of finding electrical power and electrical energy consumed by a load or electrical energy supplied by a source like a battery.

The sums are:

Two resisters of value 6 ohm and 12 ohms are connected in series across a battery of 12 volt. Draw the circuit diagram and calculate.
a) Current flowing through each resistor.
b) The electrical energy consumed by each resistor.


These two resistors again connected in parallel and the above data are again calculated.

second Sum of  Electrical Power Physics Class

Two bulb L1 and L2 of rating 100 W 200 V and 10 W 200 Volt respectively are connected across a supply of 200 V in series. Find
a) Current flowing through each bulb
b) which bulb will consume more power.

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