5. Law of Refraction Of Light Physics Class 10


There are two laws of refraction of light. these are :
a) Incident say , refracted ray and normal lie on same plane .
The concept of plane is shown in the image. In terms of x,y and z co-ordinate system , the y-z plane is shown in light sky blue colour.

We write on our copy which is considered x-y plane. The image is given just for understanding of plane concept. It is not needed while writing the law. Try to image other planes in the image.
b) Ratio of sin of angle of incidence and sine of angle of refraction remains constant for a pair of media. i.e.

Law of Refraction Of Light Physics Class 10

sin i / sin r = constant (n)
this constant is called refractive index of medium 2 with respect to medium 1.
or we can write
n2 / n 1 = sin i / sin r
Where n 1 is the refractive index of first medium here air. And n2 is the refractive index of second medium here glass.
∴ n2 = n1 x ( sin i / sin r )

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