Summary of HEIDI English Literature Class 4

Heidi is a young girl whose parents are dead and she is living with her grandfather in the mountains. As she cheerfully wakes up, she is glad to be living with her grandfather and is happy leaving old Ursula because she never got a chance to go out.

She leaps from her bed and gets up ready to see that Peter was waiting with the heard and grandfather was bringing Daisy and Dusky from the stall. She cleans herself with water and looks like a boiled lobster. She was delighted to go with Peter to the pasture. The sky was clear and deep blue and the flowers were blooming.

Heidi rushed to and fro at the sight of blue gentian, primroses and dainty yellow rock-roses. Peter was having a hard time watching the goats and Heidi at the same time. Peter and Heidi continued going further when Heidi’s apron was full of flowers.

By ……. Johanna Spyri ………

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