Answer of STORY OF PRAHLADA English Literature Class 4

QUESTION ANSWER of “The story of Prahlada”
Question 1. Who was Hiranyakashipu?

Answer 1. Hiranyakashipu was the king of daityas.

Question 2. Who was Prahlada’s father?

Answer 2. Hiranyakashipu was Prahlada’s father..

Question 3. Why was Hiranyakashipu troubled.

Answer 3. Little Prahlada was a very religious child. He seemed to have inborn ideas about worship and about the god. His father ; who had determined to drive the thought of the deities out of the world , was greatly troubled about him.

Question 4. Whom did Prahlada worship?

Answer 4. Prahlada worship ‘Krishna’.

Question 5. What punishment was given to Prahlada for disobeing his father?.

Answer 5. Hiranyakashipu ordered his guards to take Prahlada and throw him, though he was his own son, down to the bottom of the ocean and throw pile of rocks on top of him.

Question 5. Who helped Prahlada to come ou of the water?.

Answer 5. Lord Krishna helps Prahlada to come out of the water.

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