Answer of Young Night thought English Literature

Question 1. What does the child see and when ?

Answer 1. The child saw the people marching by as clearly as he saw during the day time when he wants to go to bed and his mamma put out the light.

Question 2. Do you think the child is afraid of dark ?

Answer 2. No he was not afraid of dark instead he enjoyed the sight of armies and emperors and kings .

Question 3. What is the “show” compared to and why?

Answer 3. The show was compared to the circus.
Because there were many beast and man marching in that caravan which is also found in the circus.

Question 4. Where does the caravan lead the child ?

Answer 4. The caravan lead the child to sleep.

Question 5. Why does the show move faster and faster?

Answer 5. The show was moving faster because the child was moving ahead faster to sleep.

Question 6. Is the child happy when he is falling asleep?

Answer 5. No, the child was not happy while falling the sleep because he wanted to see something more about the caravan.

……..By ……. RL Stevenson ……….

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