1. He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again. (Begin: He wondered that….)

Ans.He wondered if he would meet those officers again.

2. To squander away your money is very disappointing. (begin it is.. )

Ans. It is very disappointing that you are squandering away your money. .

3.This is the best book that I have read. (begin: I have not read….)

Ans. I have not read any other best book than this.

4. Do not be greedy and you will be happy. (Begin : If ….)

He said I wonder if I will meet those officers again Begin: He wondered that

Ans. if you will not be greedy you will be happy.

5.This is not the way a gentleman should behave. (Begin : Is that….)

Ans. Is that a way a gentleman should behave.

6. First deserve then Desire. (begin Don’t Desire….)

Ans.Don’t desire when you don’t deserve.

7.Hospital staff must admit all emergency cases. ( Begin: All emergency cases….)

Ans. All emergency cases must be admitted by all hospitals. .

8.“I have had fever for many days, doctor”, said he. ( Begin: He said to the doctor that….)

Ans. He said to the doctor that he had had fever for many days.

9. She said, “I think I may complete this project tomorrow .” (Begin : She said that ……)

Ans. She said that she thought she might complete that project the next day.

10.To destroy the wildlife is unwise. (begin : . (Begin :it is……)

Ans. It is unwise to destroy the wildlife.

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