Who First Gave Regional Planning Idea in India

This is according to the best of my knowledge:

There are several people like Surdas and Natarajans and many others who gave regional planning idea to other regions of world or countries. But regional planning or policy making in a region is not an easy job. Regional planning must meet several issues like economic growth, environmental protection, energy supply, transport network, public health & safety and many others factors that determine its success or failure.

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Economic Growth

If a region is successful in policy making, its economy will be highly encouraged and its rate of economic growth will increase significantly. A region with policy making power may be a small region or a medium region or a regional giant that will spread its economic activities around the world.

Environmental Protection

Many countries care a lot about environment protection and they always try to do some kind of action when pollution is high. If a region with policy making power can prevent transportation of certain hazardous substances, it is far more successful. Region with policy making power will be able to prevent transportation of coal, chemicals, coal gasification etc to prevent transportation of these substances.

Energy Supply

When a region has policy making power, it can plan the energy supply to the region. An energy supply plan needs to take many factors into account like proximity to the supply, cost of energy, distance to the supply, climate and many others. When there is plan making power in a region, other regions can get the necessary energy supply from the region.

Transport network

When there is plan making power a region may have a high speed train or a high speed bus system. The high speed train system may be between a high speed road and a road or a road and a regional giant etc.

Public Health & Safety

There are many dangers in a regional giant and they may have many diseases or many dangerous gases etc. Public Health & Safety can be a high priority in a region with policy making power as if a region will have plan making power.

Many countries care for a region with plan making power but each country has its own interest and each country has to decide how to make the best decision for its own region. When there is a plan making power in a region, it will be able to get most of the required energy supplies from the region.

If a region with policy making power is chosen by the countries, the energy needs of that region will be more than than what a region with non plan making power can provide. The power supply will be connected to other regions that also has plan making power so that they can get energy supplies from more than one energy source.