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New Economy Policy on Industry India

Latest arrangements for town and country planning in India are not so much towards the green principles of the new policy but are towards the quick and easy solutions of the private sector. A major role in promoting the concept of green economy is that of CEDA with many studies conducted daily.


New Economy Policy on Industry India

The recent and still upcoming developments are of a small part of the concept of the new India policy. But it is the best part of that which the economy is practicing today.

Planning Industy India

The economic activity in India is based on the fact that much of the industry is for the export of manufactured goods and the nature of this manufactured goods is largely based on plastics and polymers.

Since the basic condition of the industry to produce this kind of manufactured goods is the availability of a wide range of raw materials and the nature of these is plastic and polymers the condition of the agriculture is also also must meet for the industry to operate. This has helped the economy for the last many years in meeting the growth targets of the government.

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All these measures have also contributed to reduce the environmental issues in the country. There is a new development in the last few months. One small aspect of that is that we have seen that the industries is now using Cement Mixes to produce the different concrete types. This Cement Mixes are made from Resin and Pulp. The government is thinking about adopting this idea for the new concrete types in the future to reduce the environmental issues.

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In the new policy of the Indian government in the green economy, there is a part that focuses on the green economy and the development of renewable energy. But the new green economy policy also recognizes that the green economy is the most important and the fastest growing part of the economy. So the government is trying to set the best conditions for industry in the field of Renewable Energy.

* The government has asked one of the top indian companies like Railways to stop the usage of Lead Based Tankers. This move is aimed at saving the environment. This decision is on the recommendation of the Expert Appraisal Survey.

* The government is also encouraging the construction of Solar power plants and bio fuels. The central government has also asked the states to encourage the usage of Solar power and bio fuels.

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The new green economy policy has also encouraged the construction of multiplexes, malls and huge industries in the country. But the states have also encouraged these buildings.

Green energy is also a required subject of the construction industry in India. So the government has also suggested the possibility of reducing taxes if the company uses the green energy. The companies which meet the requirements of the environment from the building industry can also get the benefits of tax break.

We in this world have come to know the fact that the world has come to an end and we are now aware that there is a long process of reconstruction and recovery ahead of this world.

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