Hindi to English Translation Practice Video Present Tense All type of Sentences

All four tenses of Present tense practice session videos are here at one place.                                                            

Start getting practice from the first video given below one by one. All four tenses of the

Present Tense videos are simple to understand for all classes of students.  Ease of practice for the viewers is the prime requirement of these videos. You will achieve 100% perfection in translation. Practice is the only thing that makes a person perfect. These videos are just so awesome to provide you help in translating from Hindi to the English language. Sentences have the use of current topic words. e.g.Example-1: पूरी दुनिया सिर्फ कोरोना की बातें 2 वर्ष से क्यों कर रही है? Example-2: डॉक्टर करुणा से इतना क्यों डर रहे हैं ?

All four tense of present tense practice video
All four tenses or the present tense practice video

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