A forty-year-old male called Dmitri Gurov is fascinated by a nice girl walking along the seafront of Yalta with her tiny Pomeranian canine. Dmitri disapproval his smart and shrewish partner and, therefore, has many relationship. Although the protagonist slanders women and calls them “the reduced race,” he secretly recognizes that he is much more at ease in their company than in men’s. Eventually, “the woman with the dog” takes a seat alongside Dmitri to eat in the general public gardens. The man-animals her dog in order to strike up a conversation. He learns that she is called Anna Sergeyevna, that she is wed, and that she has actually concerned Yalta vacationing. Over the adhering to week, Anna, as well as Dmitri, see a lot of each other and likewise, grow close.


The older guy is interested in the exuberant naïveté of his young companion, yet he also acknowledges a trace of sadness in her character. In contrast to the elder ladies with whom he utilized to have events and that would periodically present a “ravenous expression” on their gorgeous faces, Anna thrills Dmitri’s wish with her untouched and also fresh nature. Specifically, he is attracted by her “diffidence, the angularity of inexperienced young people” that reminds him of his child. Every evening the couple observes the sunset from the viewpoint over Yalta at Oreanda and are impressed anew by the “attractive and also impressive” landscapes. The only thing that mar Anna’s happiness is the idea that her hubby, Von Diderits, will send for her and her worry that she has shed Dmitri’s respect by sleeping with him. Ultimately, Von Diderits sends Anna a letter prompting her return, and also she leaves Dmitri with something like relief. When parting with Dmitri, Anna states, “It’s an advantage I am vanishing … It’s destiny itself!”

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The story concludes with a summary of Anna’s brows through to Moscow and also the intolerable strain she really feels living this lie. Dmitri is completely satisfied with the means things have functioned out, he does confess to feeling disconcerted concerning the ramifications of dropping in love for the very first time. He criticizes himself for being aging, graying old man who seduced women by acting to be somebody he was not. Dmitri comforts Anna as ideal he can, but he recognizes that there will certainly be a long way to go before they can be devoid of their “excruciating bonds” and also live together freely.

The activity switches over to explain Dmitri’s daily routine in Moscow: seeing his clubs, reading papers, and working at his bank. Dmitri believes that his memories of Anna will quickly wind down and that he can proceed with his everyday routine in tranquility and satisfaction. This does not take place, as well as quickly the protagonist grows to abhor the “useless pursuits as well as discussions” with which he is bordered. As a result, Dmitri resolves to visit Anna in her unspecified hometown.


The protagonist takes the train to “S—” and gets here only to rate before the Von Diderits’ home, futilely hoping that Anna will emerge and also speak with him. When this does not happen, Dmitri chooses to visit the theater that evening to see a production of the operetta “The Geisha,” wishing his lover will certainly additionally participate in. Indeed, the lead character sees Anna in the audience viewing the show with her insincere-looking as well as obsequious another half. When Von Diderits leaves the theater to smoke during the interval, Dmitri comes close to Anna and additionally admits his love for her. The girl informs Dmitri that she has missed him however also scolds him for involving see her. The enthusiasts determine that Anna will certainly visit Dmitri in Moscow, on the reason that she needs to see a gynecologist.

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