Love Concern Humanity And Trust are the Eccentric Features of Mankind

Love Concern Humanity And Trust are the Eccentric Features of Mankind . Quoting examples from chapters : “The Last Leaf”, Journey by Night”, and “God Lives in Panch”, Justify the statement .

The main element which makes us differ from the rest are the qualities we possess.” Human nature is something which cannot be taught but which is self-existent. We, having an upper hand in the eco system, have something which other creatures lack. It is that object of our conscience which makes us good. Saying simply good is not enough because we are much more than being good. It is this positive quality in us, which makes us good.

“The last leaf” by O Henry tells us the tale about unconditional concern which is not bounded by relationship but out of sheer care for one another. It is not only those people who are bounded by relationship care for one another but also those people who understand are not bounded but yet understand the pain of another. This chapter has taught us that even a stranger can try with his/her whole heart to reduce the pain of another. It is that love which has no conditions to be kept. This story has shown us how we receive unexpected gratitude by even keeping lives at stake.

‘Journey by night’ by Norah Burke is something which each and every person should read because it will restore your will to do each and everything until it is done. Bravery is bestowed in this story and it is something to learn because, when a little boy can do it for his sibling then why can’t we? The determination and perseverance seen is very astounding and shows everyone what bravery looks like. It also tells us unimaginable love which he has for his brother.

‘God lives in Panch’ by none other than Munshi Prem Chand is one of the most exalting stories we have ever read because it has taught us to turn down our ego and it has lived by the saying “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” because revenge never taught us to be good but it made us more sinful. The tale of two best friend who are caught up in situations and deciding what is just for one another makes them archenemies but the protagonist does something which is barely seen in today’s time. He does not let the spirit of revenge come his way and does good to his best friend. Don’t you think this is what life is all about? To forget the un just things done to you, to shower love upon others and breaking the link which makes friends frown and become enemies. In this fast pace of life, we forget to do little things to our loved ones because we are too caught up in ourselves. Man should know that money is not the true treasure to seek, it is nothing but man made paper which doesn’t last a life time, love is the bounty which will never go empty. Each and every person should be known by his/her qualities which are already built in him, irrespective of the fact whether he know it or not. These qualities are those instincts which makes him a good person, even though he’s been an alternate person in the past. The worlds disparities, bad experiences and bad influences shun those good qualities which we possess. I think it is high time that we should try to be those persons who we used to be.

Mankind wouldn’t have survived if he would not have those eccentric features. Even tongue less creatures have those powerful elements in them which makes them naïve and beautiful. Harmony will be attained only when we learn to be humble.