Question Paper of ENGLISH LITERATURE Class 5 of a School Final Year

Question Paper of ENGLISH LITERATURE  Class 5 of a School Final year

Roll No. R Name:
St. Peter’s School
Class: V
Full Marks: 80
Time 2 Hrs.

This Question Paper Consists of 02 printed pages

1. Answer the following questions (5 x 5 = 25)
a) How did Tom make Ben and Billy work for him?
b) How did the white elephant help the forester?
e) How was the day spoilt for Tom?
d) Why did the white elephant decide to live in a distant cave with his mother?
e) What is special about the asses and men?
2. Read the lines and answer the following question: (8 x 3= 24)
a) “And there the puppy mews and mews And the kitten barks and barks ” i) Name the poem and poet. (2)
ii) Why does the poet call the town “Curious’ (3)
iii)what does the frog do? (3)
b)”Lets forget the treachery of the forester and think only of the King’s goodness” (i)Who is the speaker?
ii)What treachery did the forester do? (2)
iii) How did the king treat the speaker (2)
iv) What was the King’s goodness'(3)
c) ‘I am working. This is a test of skill’
i)Who said this and to whom?(2)
ii) What was the work?(1)
iii) Name the friends of the speaker (2)
iv) Why did the speaker call it “a test of skill’ (3)
3. write the meanings of the following words: (7x 1 7)
Pelting, munching, merrily,
betrayed, triumphantly, Mendicant, threshold 4. Make sentences (any five)(5×2=10)
Audience, discovered, starving,
whistling, skill, mischievous
5. Complete the following(4 x 2=8)
na) Tom was happy because______________________.
b)For letting his (Tom) friends to paint the fence, Tom got ___________________.
c) The elephant refused to eat because _____________________.
d) The king was delighted of the elephant and ordered _________________________.
6. Write the opposites (any six)(6 x 1 = 6)
Lazy, carefully, satisfied,
reward, refuse, unfortunately, quietly.