Answer Anne Arives at Green Gables English Literature

Question 1. How does any realise that she is not wanted by the children Cuthbert? How does she feel?

Answer 1.When Anne heard the conversation between Matthew and Marilla, she came to know that she was not wanted by the Cuthberts.

During the conversation between Marilla and Mathew, Anne kept silent, suddenly she seemed to grasp the full meaning of what had been said and started crying. Repeating the same verse,”you don’t want me ! you don’t want me because I am not a boy!”.

Question 2. How do you know that Marilla is changing her mind about Anne? why does this happened?

Answer 2.When Marilla took Anne to Mrs Spencer, on the way Anne told Marilla about herself. She related her tragic story , that she was eleven last March and by this time she had already stayed with two families helping the ladies to look after their children, when their desire was over she was put back into the orphanage at Hopeton. When Marilla told Mrs Spencer about the mistake of sending a girl child instead of a boy she immediately thought of sending Anne to Mrs Peter Blewett. As Marilla knew Mrs Blewett, she had a pity on Anne and thought of taking her back with her.

This happened because Marilla had got the detailed life story of Anne, which was very sorrowful.

Question 3. What kind of a person is Mrs Blewett?

Answer 3. Mrs Blewett wa a bad tempered lady. Marillla knew this from the servant girls, she had a family of quarrelsome children.

Question 4. Describe the character of Methew and Marilla.?

Answer 4.Mathew was a simple kind and a very gentle person. He was loving and very polite person . He did not want to hurt the feeling of little Anne. He was caring , So he did not leave Anne alone in the station, instead brought her home for her safely.

Marilla was a positive minded lady. She had a pity for little Anne but she wanted a boy to help them in their farm work. Marilla took Anne back to Mrs Spencer to return her back but when she came to know Mrs Spencer and dhad decided to send this girl to a troublesome family she forgot about her own interest and decided to take the little girl back to her own house . This shows how generous and kind hearted she was.

Lucy Maud Montgomery was Canadian author. She was best known for her series of novels like Anne of Green Gables, The Story Girls etc.


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